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"Like me, if you have been diasppointed with attempting things on your own, then get professional help! Don was most helpful and made my first cooking class memorable. Thank you."
- Margaret, Cromwell

"You are a top-notch instructor and your love of the subject is evident."
- Barbara, Cromwell

"Don, your enthusiasm for food and cooking is infectious. I couldn't wait to get home and try the recipe ... on my own."
- Louise, Berlin

"My husband, Hank, took your class and I have really enjoyed all the meals he has prepared. I don't think I have cooked a meal since the course started. I kow he enjoyed the classes. And I thank you for turning my husband into a great cook. We really have fun and enjoy our meals."
- Donna, West Hartford

"Don's enthusiasm is contagious. Class activities were always well thought out. You won't believe how much you will learn!"
- Harry, Bloomfield, CT

"This class is just what I've been looking for - practical tips and hands-on lessons for recipes that I can actually cook and everyday food that my family will eat!"
- Angela, West Hartford, CT

"Thanks again for all your efforts. The class is wonderful!"
- Chef Bill, West Hartford

"So thank you for your wonderful lessons and classes."
- Bernardine, West Hartford

"Love your recipes, find lots of info from your classes very useful, so thanks."
- Christine, Burlington

"Thanks! This class has opened up a whole new world to me."
- Carolyn, West Hartford

"I wanted to thank you for your instructions, it was great learning from you and I look forward to trying all the recipes in the future!"
- Noel, West Hartford

"Your class was one of the best things I ever did TOGETHER with Michael. Thank you for being the skilled catylist who brought a great memory to us both."
- Barbara, West Hartford

"You surely made the class informative but we had lots of fun too--and that's the way I like to learn!!! Thank you again for all you do to make our class such a success!!!"
- Joyce, West Hartford

If you recently took one of my classes, please provide some feedback on what you liked and what you want me to change. You will immediately be rewarded with a new recipe you won't find elsewhere on this site!