"I happen to believe that you should learn to feed yourself and maybe a few others. ... Instead of shutting down home ec. we should have just expanded it and made everybody take it."
- Anthony Bourdain

Meals for Entertaining Series:
Pizza Night - From Dough to Dinner
The foundation of pizza is the dough, and Don probably knows more about dough than anyone else in town! You will learn how to make authentic delicious pizza from scratch. We'll cover classics like Neapolitan-style pizza margherita and diversions like white (ricotta) pizza and green (pesto) pizza too. You will also learn about Sicilian-style pizza and what makes it different. We'll have lots of topping options so both vegetarians and meat-lovers will enjoy this class. We'll even make great lactose-free pizza! Come alone or with a friend to share the fun.

This will be a “participation type” hands-on course. We will utilize the professional cafeteria kitchen at Irving A. Robbins Middle School in Farmington near Westfarms Mall and convenient to I-84 and CT-9. Class size will be limited to 12 students, so be sure to sign up early. $7 materials fee is payable to the instructor.1 session:

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Syllabus & Notes:

Part 1: Make Dough
• Basic Italian Dough
• Substutute 1/3 Whole Wheat

Part 2: Prepare All Ingredients
• peel, dice, & roast eggplant
• clean, slice, & roast bell peppers
• roast garlic and then coarse chop
• thinly slice & caramelize sweet onions
• thinly slice & caramelize red onions
• make garlic bechamel sauce
• make pesto sauce or use prepared
• make red sauce or use prepared
• make spinach/ricotta topping
• slice olives: kalamata, black, green
• thinly slice fresh mozzerella
• thinly slice fresh tomatoes
• chiffonade basil
• dice grilled chicken; toss with pesto
• slice meatballs
• slice cooked sausages
• slice pepperoni if in a stick
• cut up broccoli florets finely
• wash & thinly slice mushrooms
• grate/shred hard cheeses

Part 3: Pizza
• divide dough:
    300g for 4 medium pies
    200g for 6 personal pies
• make one assigned from pizza list
• make one with ingredients of choice
• divide remaining dough to take home

Discussion Topics:
Making dough in food processor
Grilled Pizza

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