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Lactose-Free Baking & Cooking
Are you or someone else in your family bothered by dairy? This could be caused by lactose, a complex sugar component in milk that some people have trouble digesting. You may know about lactose-free milk, which has been available for years, but there are many other dairy products that are either naturally lactose-free or made so by adding the lactase enzyme during processing or packaging. Some of these products are brand new and recently came to market in 2018!

Take this class to learn about lactose-free cheeses and other products that you can use in otherwise difficult-to-make recipes like mac & cheese, lasagna, pizza, and beef stroganoff.

This class will feature presentations, assorted product tastings, as well as hands-on cooking in the well-equpped culinary classroom at Conard High School in West Hartford, convenient to I-84 exit 41. Class size will be limited, so be sure to sign up early.

Lewis Black: Is milk good or bad? (Broadway, profanity)
Bill Bailey on Lactose Intolerant Intolerant (Cash Cab guy)

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Lactose-Free Syllabus:

Tzatziki Sauce/Dressing

Beef Stroganoff

Parsley & Ricotta Filling

Savory Dinner Crepes

Crespelle (Manicotti)

Lemon-Blueberry Bread Pudding

Discussion Topics:
• fresh milk (skim, low-fat, reduced-fat, & whole)
• shelf-stable UHT milk you can have in your pantry
• bar & shredded hard cheeses (both domestic & international)
• real butter substitutes: Ghee
• cottage cheese
• ricotta substitutes
• cream cheese
• half & half
• ice cream
• sour cream
• low-fat and whole milk yogurt

• A2 Protein Dairy (cow, sheep, goat)