"I happen to believe that you should learn to feed yourself and maybe a few others. ... Instead of shutting down home ec. we should have just expanded it and made everybody take it."
- Anthony Bourdain

Beef Basics & Beyond
This course will focus entirely on beef and sides to go with it. You will learn how to cook beef several ways using different cooking methods with each class resulting in a complete dinner including vegetables and a starch.

These classes will include a combination of demonstrations and hands-on cooking. We will eat what we cook, so you can skip dinner and come straight from work. Typically 3 sessions, syllabus in the right column.

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Syllabus & Notes:

Class 1: Classic Stew
Classic one-pot meal
• Basic knife skills
• Several "secret ingredients"
• Vegetable options and more

Class 2: Meatloaf & More
Meatloaf defines comfort food
Garlic Smashed potatoes
Stovetop vegetable options

Class 3: Steak au Poivre
Dish elegant enough for entertaining
Steak Diane = variation on a theme
Swiss-style rösti potatoes
Roasted vegetable options

Discussion Topics:
• Knifes: types and sizes needed & sharpening
• Pots & Pans: materials, surfaces, sizes/shaes
• Tips for entertainin


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