>Steak au Poivre:
• Temper Proteins to room temp before cooking
• Use mortar & pestle or mallet/heavy pan to smash peppercorns in parchment/foil
• Press cracked whole peppercorns into meat
• Do not overheat pan before adding cooking oil/shortening (not smoking)
• Do not use a non-stick skillet (meat won’t brown)
• Do not turn until meat releases from pan with a shake
• After release, turn meat often during cooking
• Always remove pan from stove before adding flammables (e.g. brandy)

>Garlic Smashed Potatoes:
• Yukon gold are best
• Use red potatoes as substitute

>Roasted Vegetables:
• Always shop for fresh
• Root veggies are almost always an option


Basic Kitchen Skills Classes:

>Class 1 Notes
Eggs - Let’s Break Fast

>Class 2 Notes
Beef - It’s What’s for Dinner

>Class 3 Notes
Chicken - Don’t Chicken Out

>Class 4 Notes
Pasta - A Penne for Your Thoughts

Intermediate Kitchen Skills Classes:

>Class 5 Notes
Pork - The Other White Meat

>Class 6 Notes
Seafood Diet = See Food and Eat It

>Class 7 Notes
It’s Chili Tonight & Soup to Warm You

>Class 8 Notes
Bread & Pizza - Rolling in the Dough

Advanced Kitchen Skills Classes:

>Class 9 Notes

>Class 10 Notes

>Class 11 Notes

>Class 12 Notes

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