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Quiche Lorraine:
• “Bind bake” crust so it doesn't end up soggy
• Use real bacon bits or pieces (not imitation)
• Can use half & half instead of cream for lower fat/calories
• Pre-saute onion; use sweet onions (e.g. Vidalia) for milder flavor
• Tradition calls for Swiss cheese, but cheddar adds more flavor

• Non-stick pan is essential to success; 8” pan OK for 2-egg omelet
• Don’t break eggs on sharp edge to avoid contamination; beat egg thoroughly
• Pan should not be smoking hot but hot enough that eggs sizzle when added
• Lift cooked egg so uncooked egg can seep under and reach hot cooking surface

French Toast griddle option:
• Day-old bread is better than fresh, soak thoroughly in egg wash before cooking
• Non-stick pan/griddle is very helpful or use enough oil to prevent sticking
• Basics: for each beaten egg add 1/3 C milk; Italian bread is ideal
• Kick up with ground cinnamon and powdered sugar

Pancakes griddle option:
• Use white whole wheat flour for good nutrition and milder flavor
• Non-stick pan/griddle is very helpful or use enough oil to prevent sticking
• If all you have is an 10” skillet, just make 1 large pancake, serve and repeat
• Basics: 2 beaten eggs + 1 C milk + 1 C flour + 2 TBS sugar + 1 TBS baking powder

• Real maple syrup is best on French toast and pancakes. If you can't afford to use it straight, blend it 50/50 with table syrup. Try to avoid buying table syrup that is simply flavored high fructose corn syrup.
• For a change of pace, try raspberry syrup.

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