>Basic Dough:
• Put 1 cup warm (110˚F) water in mixing bowl
• Mix in 1 cup King Arthur A/P flour
• Mix in 1 tsp instant yeast
• Mix in 1 tsp sugar
• Optionally, set aside 15~30 minutes for sponge to develop
• Mix in 1 tsp kosher salt
• Mix in 1 TBS olive oil
• Mix in additional flour (~ 2 cups) until dough comes away from sides of bowl and forms a ball
• Knead on floured counter until dough is smooth and elastic
• Rise, covered, in oiled bowl 45~60 minutes
• Divide dough in half for 2 pizza crusts

• If using a stone, for gas ovens place in bottom of oven, and for electric ovens place on rack in lowest position
• Preheat oven (and stone) to 475˚F
• Give dough time to "rest" (relax gluten)
• Flour counter liberally for easy roll-out
• Always roll from center>out
• Flip dough several times during roll-out
• "Mis" = have all toppings pre-cut & ready
• Saute raw meat and veggie toppings that require cooking; cool before using on pizza
• Use semolina on sheet pan under pizza to prevent sticking
• Add sauce, cheese, and then toppings
• If pizza won't slide off sheet onto stone, bake halfway with sheet pan on stone, free pizza with spatula, and slide off sheet to finish on stone
• If not using stone, bake halfway on sheet pan, free pizza with spatula, and slide off sheet to finish on oven rack in upper position

More Pizza Info:
There are several good pizza recipes here or try Wolfgang Puck's recipe.


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