Roast Chicken:
• Temper Proteins to room temp before cooking
• Remove wishbone and truss with twine using figure-eight
• Season heavily from a distance with kosher salt + pepper
• Roast in 425ºF oven using a low pan to 165ºF internal (approx 15 minutes/pound)
• Allow to rest 10~15 minutes before carving so juices can redistribute
• Remove meat and enjoy
• Use bones and scraps to make chicken stock

>Chicken Breast:
• Temper Proteins to room temp before cooking
• Heat non-reactive saute pan to medium hot
• Season chicken on both sides with salt + pepper
• Coat chicken with flour and shake off excess
• Add 1 TBS butter + 1 TBS olive oil to pan (should not smoke)
• Saute chicken to golden on both sides (3 min/side)
• Add deglazing liquid (i.e. dry white wine), reduce heat, cover, and cook until done, about 5~10 minutes
• Finish with another 1 TBS butter before plating
• Bread with panko
• Bake in 350ºF oven until done, about 20 minutes

>Basmati Rice starch option:
• Naturally fragrant white rice from India
• Simmer 15 minutes, covered
• Non-stick pot recommended
• Basics: 1 part rice + 1 tsp EVO oil to coat grains + 2 parts water

>Mashed Potatoes starch option:
• Scrub off dirt but no need to peel if you don’t mind the skin
• Cook until fork inserts easily, about 15 minutes
• Pre-heat milk+butter in saucepan or microwave (do not add cold milk to potatoes)
• Season with salt (and garlic powder if desired)
• After taken off-heat, prepare and serve as quickly as possible
• At long events (e.g. Thanksgiving dinner), keep warm in covered crock pot

>Roast Potatoes starch option:
• Wash off dirt, dry, and quarter potatoes; no need to peel
• Put cut potatoes in liquid-proof bag and toss with EVO oil to lightly coat
• Spread potatoes in shallow roasting pan skin down/flesh up
• Season flesh with chopped rosemary, salt and garlic powder
• Roast in 375ºF oven to done, about 45 minutes

>Broccoli veggy option:
• Rinse in cold water, drain, have ready in pan. Boil water in kettle.
• When ready, add 1” boiling water and cook 6~7 minutes to desired softness
• Drain, sprinkle w/EVO oil, salt, and garlic powder
• Sprinkle w/True Lemon crystals if desired
• Toss to distribute seasonings

>String Beans veggy option:
• Tip & tail, rinse in cold water, drain, have ready in pan. Boil water in kettle.
• When ready, cover beans with boiling water and cook ~7 minutes to desired softness
• Drain, toss w/EVO oil, season w/salt & garlic powder, toss again to distribute seasonings


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