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Beef Stew option:
• Temper proteins to room temp before cooking
• Cut everything to bite-size pieces
• Toss beef in flour before browning - helps make rich sauce
• Brown meat evenly in hot shortening before adding stock
• Beware of sodium content in purchased broth/stock, adjust salt accordingly
• Find and remove bay leaves before serving (warn guests not to eat them)

Meatloaf option:
• Add sauteed chopped onion and BBQ sauce for both flavor and moisture
• Meatloaf mix = 1/3 beef, 1/3 pork, 1/3 veal, but 80/20 beef is OK. Diet lean (90/10) is not recommended.
• Basics: 1 beaten egg + 1/2C milk + 3/4C bread crumbs per # of meat + seasonings
• Add liquid smoke or finely ground lapsang souchong tea to taste for smoke flavor if desired

Steak au Poivre option:
• Temper proteins to room temp before cooking
• Follow recipe link above

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