>Onion Crusted Salmon Fillet:
• Buy fresh, not frozen for best texture
• Seafood should not smell like seafood
• "Bread" with French fried onion crumbs
• Bake 20 minutes at 350˚F

>Hollandaise Sauce:
• Non-stick pan recommended for easy cleanup
• Nylon whisk won't damage non-stick surface
• Separate eggs using yolks for sauce
• Reserve whites for lemon mousse dessert
• Whisk lemon juice into egg yolks
• Cook with pot submersed in boiling water, whisking continuously
• Whisk in softened butter and finish cooking to thicken
• Will "break" if temperatures differ between ingredients
• Basics: 4 egg yolks + 1~2 TBS lemon juice + 4~6 TBS soft butter + pinch of white pepper + pinch salt
• Cookbooks say you can't substitute anything for butter. Since I cook lactose-free at home, I have learned how to make hollandaise with margarine and even extra virgin olive oil with acceptable results. The lesson here is to experiment ... but not when your dining room is full of guests!

>Basmati Rice starch option:
• Naturally fragrant white rice from India
• Simmer 15 minutes, covered
• Non-stick pan recommended
• Basics: 1 part rice + 1 tsp EVO oil to coat grains + 2 parts water

>Asparagus veggy option:
• Break off tough stalk ends and discard
• Usually no need to peel unless very thick
• Rinse in cold water, drain, have ready in pan
• Boil water in separate kettle
• When ready, cover with boiling water
• Cook 5~7 minutes to desired softness
• Drain, sprinkle w/EVO oil, lemon crystals, salt, and garlic powder
• Shake pan to distribute seasonings
• "Logs on a raft" = asparagus on toast w/hollandaise = simple vegetarian meal

>Broccoli veggy option:
• Rinse in cold water, drain, have ready in pan. Boil water in kettle.
• When ready, add 1” boiling water and cook 6~7 minutes to desired softness
• Drain, sprinkle w/EVO oil, salt, and garlic powder
• Sprinkle w/True Lemon crystals if desired
• Toss to distribute seasonings

>Mousse Dessert:
• Basics: use instant pudding mix + 2 cups cold milk per package instructions
• Fold beaten egg whites OR whipped cream into pudding being carefully to not deflate
• Use egg whites for lightest possible mousse
• If available, beat whites in copper bowl for max volume
• Use whipped cream if egg freshness/quality dubious


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