Roast Pork Tenderloin:
• Buy on sale and freeze
• Often packaged in cryovac (ready to freeze)
• Temper proteins to room temp before cooking
• Season with garlic + S&P and/or brush with dijon mustard
• Roast at 350F until 145F internal
• Typical cook time: 35-45 minutes
• Can also be cooked on outdoor grill
• Do not overcook!

• "Rest" meat 5~10 minutes before cutting
• Alternates: >seared medallions or >apple stuffed

Pork Sausages:
• Steam in skillet, covered, with 2~3 TBS water:
   - 5 minutes for small finger-size links
   - 10 minutes for larger thumb-size links
• Remove cover and evaporate water

• Brown evenly in butter or oil

>Roasted Vegetables:
• Choose a colorful assortment
• Season vegetables differently so all don't taste the same
• Roast in oven with pork tenderloin
• Veggies can stay in oven while pork rests

>Roasted Red Potatoes:
• Wash and dry
• Cut into bite-size pieces
• Toss with EVO oil
• Season with salt, garlic, and fresh chopped rosemary
• Roast in oven with pork tenderloin
• Potatoes can stay in oven while pork rests

>Crepes with Apple Pie or Preserves Filling:
• Cook to lightly golden (not brown)
• Flip carefully toward you
• If using room temperature filling, spread on top of crepe right after flipping to second side
• If using cold filling from fridge, heat first in saucepan
• Finish with powdered sugar and sauce of choice

• Basics: 2 beaten eggs + 1C milk + 3/4C flour + 1TBS sugar + 1tsp baking powder + pinch salt

Bill practices crepe making skills
with Hank watching


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