Dreamfields: "white" with fewest digestible carbs but pricy (~$3/box)
• Ronzoni SmartTaste: "white" with added fiber, calcium
• Ronzoni Garden Delight: has added vegetables
• Whole Grain: 51% whole wheat (not pasty as 100%)
• Recommend "white" with red sauce, whole grain OK with other sauces
• For ultimate: make your own (good flour, eggs, salt)
• For very good: try store-bought fresh pasta
• Do not overcook - read packaging for cook time

>Marinara Sauce:
• Sautee chopped onion; mix in crushed tomatoes; season
• Very good jar sauce is avaiable if you shop carefully
• Look for ingredients: plum tomatoes and fresh herbs
• Avoid sauces made from paste (Ragu, Rinaldi, etc.)
• Recommended: Simply Enjoy available at Stop & Shop
• Recommended: Mezzetta available at Stop & Shop
• "Doctor" with chopped vidalia onion, olives, garlic, etc.
• Don't boil sauce, just heat to a simmer
• Don't pour sauce over pasta to serve; mix with pasta
• Sauce and pasta should be "at one" with each other

>Asian style Peanut Sauce:
• Use coconut milk for best results
• Use regular whole milk for acceptable results
• Add 1~2 tsp toasted sesame oil for flavor
• Make it spicy with cayenne pepper if desired
• Adjust seasonings before serving

>Basil Pesto Sauce:
• Great summer sauce when basil is in season
• Grow your own basil, make sauce, freeze
• Use good quality extra virgin olive oil
• Sub walnuts or almonds for pine nuts saves $$$s
• Add fresh diced tomatoes when in season
• This sauce works hot or cold (pasta salads)
• This sauce is great with orzo

>Alfredo Sauce:
• Never microwave cheese-based sauce
• Look for a mixture of several cheeses
• Recommended: Classico Four Cheese Alfredo
• Make your own with butter, grated cheese, and cream
• Toss pasta in sauce to coat evenly
• Parmesan cheese is made from cow milk
• Real Pecorino-Romano is from sheep milk (lactose-free)

Pasta with Peanut, Marinara, & Pesto Sauces

Once you've mastered pasta and several sauces, try a Pasta Bar dinner party!


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