"I happen to believe that you should learn to feed yourself and maybe a few others. ... Instead of shutting down home ec. we should have just expanded it and made everybody take it."
- Anthony Bourdain

Soup & Breads
This popular 2-in-1 class appeals to both cooks and bakers alike! Each week we will make a different soup along with a bread to go with it. If you took this class before don't worry as we'll make some completely new recipes this time around.

Soups will be made from scratch, and a different style (using a different base) will be featured each week. We'll use the dough we make in class for rolls so they'll bake and cool in time to enjoy with our soup.

These classes will include a combination of demonstrations and hands-on cooking. We will eat what we cook, so you can skip dinner and come straight from work. You have the option of bringing a container to class and taking your soup home for lunch the next day. Typically 4 sessions, syllabus in the right column.

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Syllabus & Notes:

Soup Base Options:
• Stock (beef, chicken, veggy)
• Cream and/or milk
• Tomato
• Vegetable puree

Soup Ingredient Options:
• Proteins: poultry, meat, fish
• Vegetarian soups
• Starch options: rice, pasta, potato

• Varied recipes/types
• Shaped and baked as rolls

Discussion Topics:
• Making stock: how and why
• Using the market as a prep chef
• Pantry staples for soup making
• Fresh vs. frozen vegetables in soups
• TVP (texturized vegetable protein)
• Natural/healthy thickeners

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