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Class Recipes:
• Tassajara Whole Wheat 2/3 Recipe (for 8½ x 4½ pans) OR Full Recipe (for 9 x 5 pans)
• Tassajara Breakfast Bread Dough made as Lemon Twists (updated)
• Tassajara Ricotta Olive Bolso
• Tassajara Kolaches (updated) - Toppings (scroll down) - video 1 - video 2 - video 3 - video 4

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Comments & Questions:
• It’s 10:20p. Bread is only slightly warm. Why is it dense at the bottom of the loaf? (see photo)

• Answer: While it is possible for this to happen when rising on a cold counter, we proofed this loaf in a warm oven. Expert Michael Jubinsky says this happens to him "every once in a blue moon for no apparent reason" typically to only one loaf in a batch of several. Unless this happened to multiple loaves, it should probably be regarded as a aberration and ignored. Also, be careful to handle pans of proofed dough gently as jarring or dropping them can also cause deflation and issues like this.

• From your class recipe. Just out of the oven. See you Tuesday. (see photo)

• Great bread (lemon twist) and fun class! My family loves this bread and they want me to make more!

• Don, love tonight's bread (bolso)! That's a versatile recipe. I could see this as a breakfast item with eggs and other goodies inside!

• Thank you for delicious lessons learned.

• Thank you for a terrific class. You are so organized and attentive and helpful. And we learned some things and got some good recipes. Thanks and hope to see you again some time at another bread class.

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