WORLDLY FLATBREADS (A) - Spring 2017 (click to enlarge)

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Class Recipes:
• Italy: Focaccia with Rosemary OR Focaccia with Asiago & Chives (updated)
• France: Fougasse Provencal
• India: Naan
• India: Paratha
• Lebanon: Manakish with: Zaatar
• Sardinia: Pane Carasau
Watch Carasau on Sardegna Digital Library
Hummus (multiple types) to scoop up with the carasau
• Spain :Flour Tortillas
• Turkey: Pita

OR Click Here to download a PDF with all my flatbread recipes

Comments & Questions:
Great class last night. It’s Amazing how many different breads there are in this world! I have attached photos for you.

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• Thanks again for another enjoyable and fun class with new and updated recipes.

• Thank you for another great class that gives me confidence to experiment with bread making in its many forms. Don, you are the best!

• This was my first class and really enjoyed it. Glad I registered for a few more classes. Thank you!

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