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ASSORTED DINNER ROLLS - Winter 2017 (click to enlarge)

Belgian Dimpled Rolls
Onion Rye Rolls
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
Parker House Rolls
Potato Rolls
Garlic Breadsticks

Garlic Breadsticks (Olive Garden style)
Easy Potato Rolls (new)
Hawaiian Style Sweet Rolls
Onion Rye Dinner Rolls
Belgian Style Dimpled Rolls
Boston Parker House Rolls (new)

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Hope you noticed the contrast between the slightly chewy and open-texture of the Belgian dimpled rolls and the smooth texture of the tender potato rolls. I liked them both! The onion rye rolls were similarly spot-on with lots of flavor (if you like caraway). I didn't try the Parker House rolls. The bread sticks were nicely made but suffered from a rambunctious oven which we'll avoid next time. The Hawaiian sweet rolls weren't as tender as previous batches and were possibly over-mixed. Next time these should be mixed by-hand. You can tenderize them with a 5~10 second zap in the microwave.

Don, Another fun class. It was great to watch six different recipes come together in one night!

Tony's Photos - click to enlarge:

Dinner Roll Assortment made in class

Parker House Rolls Tony made the next day!

Hi Don! A great class, as usual. I really liked the onion rye rolls. I loved the Parker House rolls and the Hawaiian rolls too. I'll definitely make these sometime. I'd like to try the breadsticks again in my own oven for a better result! Thanks for doing all that work for us!

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