BREADS OF SCANDINAVIA - Fall 2019 (click to enlarge)

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  Vort Limpa  
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Class Recipes:
Multigrain Polarbrød based on info @ Artic Grub to make this bread
• NEW! Polarbrød half recipe makes 8 breads
Pulla Finnish cardamom braid with almonds
Vort Limpa based on a recipe by Bill Egnor

Comments & Questions:
Polarbrød is actually a Swedish baking company that freezes their breads immediately after cooling to be distributed globally (similar to IKEA), hence the name "polar" (frozen) bread. Mjukkaka is what the bread is usually called and means softcake in Swedish. Arnold, Pepperidge Farm, and even Aldi offer similar breads here.

Loved the Polarbrods! Had a lot of fun and met some very nice people. Looking forward to next week 😊

I loved the class and loved the bread! I had one for breakfast with cheese, my husband had one with peanut butter and I packed one with peanut butter and jelly for my daughter's lunch. I'm going to try to make them again this weekend so I remember what to do :) Thank you!

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