You don't need a lot of tools or equipment to make bread. My grandmother did everything on her breadboard with her hands! A few simple tools will make the process more enjoyable, however:

Other items you might find useful:

You will also want a few bread books. Start at your local library! Then make a list of the ones you would like to have at home. Suggestions: Tasahara, Beard, Hensperger, or the KAF "bible"



in addition to tools and equipment, you will also want to stock your pantry! Here is a shopping list to get you started:

Other ingredients you might find useful:

Shopping Tips by Brand/Type:

  • King Arthur Flour: Walmart ($3.22/bag)
  • Bob's Red Mill: Ocean State Job Lot
  • Diamond Crystal salts: Stop & Shop
  • Hodgson Mill: Stop & Shop
  • instant yeast: BJ's (warehouse clubs)
  • honey: Aldi, OSJL
  • molasses: Walmart
  • nuts: Aldi, Trader Joe's, Walmart
  • orange peel: Penzeys
  • raisins: Aldi, Walmart
  • spices: Aldi, OSJL, Penzey's
  • spray oil: Aldi, OSJL, Walmart
  • vanilla extract: Aldi, OSJL, Penseys

NOTE: Links on this page are for illustration purposes only and are not meant to convey recommendations as to brand or supplier.

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