BREADS OF THE BALTIC - Winter 2019 (click to enlarge)

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Class Recipes:
• Denmark: Havrebrød oatmeal bread
• Estonia: Kringle cinnamon braid (download) (video) and Must Leib black bread
• Latvia: Rudzu Rupjā Maize
• Finland: Pulla cardamom braid with almonds
• Germany: Bavarian Pretzels and Stollen
• Lithuania: Ruginė Duona dark rye
• Poland: Bialystoker Kuchen aka Bialys and Babka
• Russia: Potato Bread (using instant potatoes) and Black Bread
• Sweden: Polarbrød and Vort Limpa
Baltic Black Bread with Salted Caramel Crust

Comments & Questions:
• Loved the bialys. They were definitely right sized. We preferred the sautéed onion Center topping, even though the poppy seeds stuck between our teeth.

• Last nights cinnamon bread was fantastic, couldn't resist a piece when I got home.

• Here's our Kringle from last week with icing and tosed almonds. Really good.
Linda & Brad

• Thanks once again for a great class. The bread was a big hit with Elliot. Very tasty and nice chewey texture. My bread could have used a bit more cooking. I guess that is why a good thermometer is a backstop for cooking time. With the late hour and long rising time and cooking times, it was definitely time for the class to end. One question. Would you suggest any changes if we add raisins and eliminate
caraway seeds? We always loved raisin pumpernickel as kids.


• Internal temperature is another check as to a bread's doneness. Most breads are done at ~ 190°. Enriched breads (e.g. containing butter/fat and/or eggs) are done closer to ~ 200°. If in doubt, with bread it is always safer to over-bake than to under-bake, so leave the loaves in the oven 3~5 more minutes. Answering your question... Sure, add raisins instead of caraway, and add some brown sugar too.

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