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Class Recipes:

Sourdough Culture (updated)
Sourdough Flavored Bread
Pane au Levain
Sourdough Flavored Rye Rolls (updated)
Sourdough Rye Rolls (updated)

Culture Cam-2: Watch the culture born on April 19 develop over time

Kit Instructions:
You have 2 options for how to use the supplies in your kit:
• Start your own seed culture using "dusty fruit"
• Feed the active culture in the kit

To start your own seed culture, buy some "dusty fruit" like grapes, berries, or tree fruit. Also buy some pineapple juice (or pineapple chunks in 100% juice). Then use the instructions for Sourdough Culture with the water and flour in your kit to replicate the process I demonstrated in class.

If you are less adventuresome, simply use the water and some flour to feed the active culture in your kit. Transfer the starter to a larger container. Mix a half cup of spring water into the active culture to create a loose batter. Then mix in enough flour to thicken it back up. It should come to life and double in volume in 4-8 hours. Stir it down when it has doubled. After a day or two, feed it again with another half cup of water and more flour. Your goal is to double the volume at least twice until you have 2~3 cups of active starter. At this point you can refrigerate the starter until you are ready to use it.

Always use a container that is at least 3 times the volume of your starter so it can double and have some extra space to grow. You don't want to find starter exploding all over your counter or frige!

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