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SANDWICH BREADS - Spring 2015 (click to enlarge)

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Classic Sandwich Bread
White Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
Quick & Easy Oatmeal Bread
Light Rye with Caraway

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Hi Don, we really liked the pita bread! It's like a blank canvas just waiting for .... All kinds of stuff! Question for you.... You added sugar but it isn't on the recipe. Was that just to move things along? Assume I do not need it at home.


Hi Carol - Glad you liked the pita. The sugar was just to kick-start the yeast in class because our time is limited. You don't need to add it at home unless you are in a big hurry.

Don, This bread was (note I said was) fantastic as it is no more!" The texture of the bread was perfect and the taste complimentary to what we put on it last night with tea and today with lunch. This is a keeper for my family. Look forward to next week. Regards,
Mary Ann

Last night was alot of fun.  Enjoyed the White Wheat bread as soon as I got home.

The white whole wheat sandwich bread was a great hit. It had a nice texture and flavor. Thanks for another great class and recipe.

Just wanted to say that the oatmeal bread was a hit . We ate most of it Tuesday night. Thanks
Again for a great class.


Special thanks to Christos for suggesting a topping of caraway seeds on the rye loaves!

What a great selection of sandwich breads! As always your class are fun and informative. Thank you for the time and expertise!

Hi Don, just to say thank you again for the wonderful sandwich breads we made in class, I shared them with friends and everyone was amazed at how different homemade bread with really good ingredients can be! I will keep an eye out in the fall for your next classes. Have a wonderful summer, and let's not hurry fall!!

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