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BREADS of EUROPE - Spring 2015 (click to enlarge)

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Paposecos - Portuguese Rolls
Buchty - Slovakian Breakfast Treats
Russian Potato Bread
Bavarian Pretzels

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As always your class was fun and very informative. The paposecos are excellent and my family wants to know when I will bake more!
- Tony

well...just wanna say that the fella who lives here and rolled his eyes when I said I was off to the new bread class....well, suffice it to say that he ate two rolls when I got home, not one but TWO! Guess that counts as success! They were quite good, definitely a do-over!
- Kathy

I gave the 2 janitors each a roll on the way out. I think they thought they died and went to heaven. As I was walking out, they just kept talking about how much they like warm (it was HOT) bread out of the oven.
- Joan

We really likes these rolls. I reheated them for dinner tonight. Excellent. I know I'll be making these again.
- Carol

Remember, Portuguese rolls aren't so much about the bread but what you wrap them around! They are, after all, mostly for sandwiches. If you sliced, toasted, and filled them with grilled chorizo you would barely taste them!
- Don

This (Russian potato bread) was soooo soft and flavorful. As you can tell by the stove clock - first loaf was 1/3 gone by 8:38! Another home run!!!!
- Mitch

The Russian Potato bread was excellent, definitely a keeper. My family members are already getting disappointed that baking will soon be suspended until the Fall. Thank you for all you have taught me in the fine art of bread baking! I'm looking forward to the new bread!
- Tony

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