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Class Recipes:

Hawaiian Style Sweet Rolls with Corn & Roasted Sweet Potato Chowder
Onion Rye Dinner Rolls with Kielbasa Soup
Rosemary & Olive Oil Rolls with Classic Minestrone
Pizza Dough & Stromboli with Broccoli & Squash Soup

Comments & Questions:
• Just wanted to thank you again for a great class. The rolls came out great. It is a keeper. I'm waiting to hear if the soup is a favorite of the family. I look forward to next week.
- Marybeth

• Thanks again for last night - we really enjoyed the class! I wanted to share with you what Libby and I did this afternoon. We made another batch of the soup, without the red pepper (it bothers my stomach) and red potato. We then pureed the soup to a smooth consistency (added a bit more stock to thin in out). We then cubed peeled Yukon gold potatoes and fried them with small cubes of ham and small squares of bread for croutons. We added the potatoes, and ham to the warm soup, topped with croutons and fresh chives -
it was delish too! Thanks again and see you next week.

- Tracy

• The cabbage and kielbasa soup was delicious. I have made a similar soup and used kale instead of the cabbage. The onion rye rolls were outstanding. I assume that you can use the same recipe to make loaves instead of rolls.
- Tony

• Yes, you can make bread with the recipe for rolls. If you bake free-form (on a sheet pan) they will be lower and slightly denser. If you want lighter less-dense bread use a loaf pan instead.
- Don

• Yes, the rosemary rolls did not last long. They were great.
- Anne

• That (stromboli) was the BEST BREAD EVER! Thanks for great classes. I enjoy spending time with Libby in this setting and you make it a really fun class for both of us.
- Tracy

• As usual an entertaining and hands-on educational experience. The soup addition was great. I look forward to the class you have in store for us in September.
- Joe

• The Breads & Soups Class was another great class! Your classes are always enjoyable and informative. We not only learn new skills, but we have fun in the process. Looking forward to your next class.

• The class was very good. We had just a great group and for me everyone enjoyed each other company. I love all the soups and breads. At this time I cannot say which one are my favorites. I loved fresh bread. I am looking forward to the next classes in September. Enjoy your Summer.
- Luz

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