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POLARBRØD ON THE GRILL (click to enlarge)

First Batch baked directly on Air-Bake Pan
l01 l02
Later Batches Baked on Rack on Air-Bake Pan
l04 l05

Multigrain Polarbrød based on info @ Artic Grub to make this bread
• NEW! Polarbrød half recipe makes 8 breads
• Perfect for burgers and sandwiches

• Clean the grill and grates so your breads don't taste like salmon!
• Put an air-bake pan in the grill to minimize browning.
• Use a cooling rack on top of the air-bake pan to eliminate browning.
• Preheat the grill and air-bake pan to 475-500F.
• Bake 4 minutes on first side; then bake 3 minutes on second side.
• Use same day for burger buns/sandwiches or freeze for later.

I later tried French baguettes in the grill, and they came out great!
You must use a rack on top of the air bake pan for loaves.

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The polarbrod is delicious! See you next week.

Another fun class and another great bread! I will definitely try this one on the grill this summer!

• Don, this bread was much better than I expected it to be. And, my bread critic a/k/a my husband, loved it. Will definitely make again. Fun class, good group of folks!
Mary Ann

Polarbrød is actually a Swedish baking company that freezes their breads immediately after cooling to be distributed globally (similar to IKEA), hence the name "polar" (frozen) bread. Mjukkaka is what the bread is usually called and means softcake in Swedish. Arnold, Pepperidge Farm, and even Aldi offer similar breads here.

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