To give salmon, chicken, or other food a smoky flavor try this tip next time you fire up your grill. The choice of wood can impact the flavor dramatically. Hickory, apple, cherry, and oak are good choices. Mesquite is very pungent and can overpower fish but might be fine for chicken or meat. Avoid soft or resinous wood like pine, fir, and construction products.

Note the food is not grilled but roasted using indirect heat since the smoke box sits between the food and heat source. Fish cooks very fast and this is the best way to infuse plenty of smoke flavor without over-cooking.

Salmon prep:
• season with creole seasoning (Emeril's "Bam")
• coat with seasoned mayo
(1/4 cup mayo + 1 tsp toasted sesame oil + 1 tsp lemon juice)
• top with roasted sesame seeds

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Cut wood to fit your pan.
Thin sticks = more surface area = more smoke faster. Thick sticks = longer duration of smoke. Place sticks in a metal cake pan. Mine is 8x8 aluminum.


Cover tightly with
heavy duty foil
and seal well.

Puncture foil with small holes or slits in several places.


Remove grill grate and
place smoke box on the
flavorizer bars in the
hottest part of your grill.

(3-burner Weber shown)


Heat grate on right
if you want grill marks.

When smoke appears,
slide grate left over
smoke box before placing
fish or chicken on grate.

IMGP0786 Place the food to be grill-smoked on the grate right over the smoke box. Close the grill lid to create an oven to roast the food.

Plate directly from the grill to avoid damage by transferring food more than absolutely necessary.

Guild the lilly with fresh asparagus and hollandaise.

Warning: Smoke contains carcinogenic compounds and regularly consuming smoked food may increase your risk for certain kinds of cancer. As Mom used to say, "Everything in moderation."

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