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CORONABREADS & MORE - Phase 3 - Spring 2021
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Starting to see light at the end of the tunnel!

I created this page to share bread and food photos from students, family, and friends experimenting and practicing at home during the pandemic. Please send me your photos via email or text to my cell (860-614-7465).

John H made classic Steak Diane:

For Easter 2021, Don D made focaccia with cracked pepper, garlic and sea salt to accompany grilled rack of lamb, roast veggies, and corn and burrata ravioli (entree for our vegetarian daughter Carolyn). We finished with Joyce's Jello eggs and lemon bars for dessert:

John H celebrated Easter in New Jersey with rack of lamb and assorted roasted veggies.
He also featured a traditional butter lamb!

Ramila made a feast for Easter featuring roast leg of lamb:

Tony M baked his way through Easter with lots of picture-perfect loaves. His daughter is a professional chef and Tony works very hard to impress!

John Z experimented mading "once-per-year" artichokes in his Instant Pot... Success!

Cathy L made picture-perfect challah:

John Z roasted a bunny (filled with stuffing):

Ramila made a traditional boiled dinner for St. Pats:

Tony M pan-seared lamb and made French country white bread using a poolish plus Persian flatbread:

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Comments & Questions:
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What you should do:
• Wash your hands.
• Wear a disposable glove when pumping gas and using ATMs or in-store terminals.
• Throw gloves out without touching the surfaces you used.
• Be careful with anything received by mail or delivered.
• This bug can live on cardboard for over a day, maybe two.
• When you have to shop, buy more and go less often.
• Do not congregate: stay 2 yards away from others.
• Stay healthy: go for a walk, drink plenty of fluids.
• Watch news daily to say current but don't obsess and watch too much.
• Stay sane: enjoy whatever hobbies you can, read, and bake.

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