CORONABREADS & MORE - Phase 2 - Fall & Winter 2020

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
Winston Churchill

I created this page to share bread and food photos from students, family, and friends experimenting and practicing at home during the pandemic. Please send me your photos via email or text to my cell (860-614-7465).

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Doreen sent in pics of her tender peach scones, whole wheat sourdough, and happy starter:

Stephanie K made basic white bread to go with her home made soup:

Tony M made very nice Russian style potato bread:

I made a Polish dinner: kielbasa & sauerkraut with caramelized Vidlaias and caraway and pierogi:

Carolyn D made picture-perfect vegetarian Golabki with Impossible Meat:

Bob H continues to practice his braiding techniques for challah:

Ramila P made a nice duck leg dinner:

Ray C made my award-winning Oatmeal Bread recipe:

John Z made oven roasted Cornish hens with assorted veggies:

I made a large batch of fridge-defatted Chicken Stock put up in 24-ounce canning jars:

Mary B made a very pretty German sauerkraut soup with tomato paste and paprika:

Sally S made a beautiful cocktail she calls The Purple Mountain High. Her concoction is so secret, if I even told you what was in it she'd have to kill me! All I will say is that it is based on a very special gin from Mt. Greylock:

I made bay scallops in sweet smoky mustard "Carolina" BBQ sauce with French fried onion topping:

George S (aka Mr. Paleo) made a grilled steak salad with arugula, onion, peppers, and corn
tossed with homemade balsamic & herb dressing:

I made a batch of Parathas... some small, the rest regular size:

Tony M made turkey sausage vegetable soup served with Ciabatta::

Linda L made Lardy Cake filled with raisins, currants, dried blueberries and craisins:

Gary N made a nice batch of Rum Balls:

Ramila P made standing ribs for a beautiful holiday dinner

Mary B made blueberry pancakes with sourdough discard:

Linda L made some very nice bread gifts with sweet dough:

Tony M made some nice challah ... classic for French toast breakfasts and
babkallah: brown sugar/cinnamon with chocolate frosting for the holidays:

Mary B made sourdough bread and rolls and then some tacos with the discard:

Stephanie K made my award-winning Oatmeal Bread recipe:

Ramila P made several batches of cookies for the holidays:

Sally S in Corcord went "back to basics" with these nice loaves:

Stephanie K made my Banana Bread recipe:

Sally S. in Concord, MA took the opportunity to fill her freezer... baking 12 loaves in one day!

Bob H made more Kalamata olive bread!

Stephanie K made some very nice Kaiser rolls:

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What you should do:
• Wash your hands.
• Wear a disposable glove when pumping gas and using ATMs or in-store terminals.
• Throw gloves out without touching the surfaces you used.
• Be careful with anything received by mail or delivered.
• This bug can live on cardboard for over a day, maybe two.
• When you have to shop, buy more and go less often.
• Do not congregate: stay 2 yards away from others.
• Stay healthy: go for a walk, drink plenty of fluids.
• Watch news daily to say current but don't obsess and watch too much.
• Stay sane: enjoy whatever hobbies you can, read, and bake.

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