Until covid settles down we will NOT be eating together in my classroom. Because of this, we won't be making anything to be consumed on-site. Instead, we'll make things to eat at home.

Great Loaf Breads Series
This Spring mini-series will include 3 classes spaced out in 2 week intervals. With a focus on FUN while learning, we'll progress through increasingly sophisticated "pan breads" (loaves baked in pans) that are great for slicing, sandwiches, and toasting for breakfast.

We'll begin with a classic "split-top" farmhouse bread. Next up will be my famous quick & easy oatmeal bread as featured in the Hartford Courant baking challenge. We'll end with whole wheat with optional cinnamon and raisins.

>Farmhouse Bread - Tuesday Feb 28
   cancelled by Leisure Services

>Famous Oatmeal - Tuesday Mar 14
   cancelled by Leisure Services

>Whole Wheat & Cinnamon - Tuesday Mar 28
   cancelled by Leisure Services

Fall 2022 Classes You Missed

Fun Italian Breads Series
This Fall mini-series included 3 classes spaced out in 2 week intervals. With a focus on FUN while learning, we progressed through increasingly wetter doughs. Beginning with breadsticks @ 65% hydration, then focaccia @ 75%, we ended with ciabatta @ 85%.

>Breadsticks - Tuesday evening - Sept 27
   @ Conard High School (W Hartford)
   >See Photos

>Focaccia - Tuesday evening - Oct 11
   @ Conard High School (W Hartford)
   >See Photos

>Ciabatta - Tuesday evening - Oct 25
   @ Conard High School (W Hartford)
   >See Photos

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Past Classes

Advanced Breadmaking Topics
Around the World in 60 Days on a Slice of Bread
(now called International Breads)
Assorted Dinner Rolls
Assorted Sandwich Rolls
Best of Breads (chosen by instructor)
Bread Favorites (chosen by students)
Breads and Soups
Breads of the Americas
Breads of Brooklyn
Breads of Europe
Breads of France
Breads of Italy
Breads of the Mediterranean
Breads of Poland
Breads of the UK
Breads of Scandinavia
Breads of Spain & Portugal
Copycat Breads
A Few Famous Breads
Famous Oatmeal Bread
Fantastic Sticky Buns
Farmhouse Bread
Focaccia with Rosemary
Finger Breads (rolls, biscuits, muffins, etc.)
Fun with Sweet Dough
Getting Started with Sourdough
Great Sandwich Breads
Holiday Breads
Intermediate Breadmaking
Introduction to Rustic Artisan Breads
Introduction to Yeast Baking
Lactose-free Baking & Cooking
Let's Get Sconed
Loaf Bread Series
Mad about Muffins
Pizza - from Dough to Dinner
Pretzel Logic
Quick & Easy Breads
Rolling in Dough
Rustic Italian Breads
Tribute to The Great British Baking Show
Tribute to James Beard
Tribute to Tassajara
Whole Grain Breads

Basic Kitchen Skills
Intermediate Kitchen Skills
Advanced Kitchen Skills
Beef Basics & Beyond
Chicken Basics & Beyond
Pasta Basics & Beyond
Filled Italian Pasta, Fillings & Sauces
Lactose-free Baking & Cooking
Comfort Food Extravaganza

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