Be a guest at your own cooking class or party!

When friends and family come over, they usually gravitate to the same place... and you know where that is. So, we've moved the party into the kitchen! Treat your guests to a private baking or cooking event designed just for you. Perfect for birthdays, showers, holidays, anniversaries, or any event you'd like to make unique. They're not only fun, everyone will also learn a few "tricks of the trade" as they create something delicious.

This is a new entertainment option in central Connecticut. Of course our chef knows how to cook, but he's also an experienced culinary arts instructor. That's what separates this from a catering business.

I will help you design a memorable event choosing from several themes, ranging from artisan bread making or personal pizzas, kabobs, pasta bar, to a complete gourmet meal.

Everything is provided: ingredients, supplies, equipment, tablewear, plates and bowls, wine goblets, and especially our logo aprons for your guests to wear.

What's the difference between a party and a class? Good question! For a party, I do all the work (with an assistant when necessary), so you can focus on your guests. That includes kitchen prep and setup before they arrive and cleanup afterwards. For a class, more of this gets transferred to my students.

Cost depends on the theme and format. Generally, there's a fixed fee of $150 to $250 plus a per-person charge of $10 to $50 depending on whether we're baking breads or preparing complete gourmet meals with steak, shrimp, lamb, duck, etc.

I require a $150 deposit to reserve your date and can accept credit cards via PayPal (account not required).

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Past Classes

Advanced Breadmaking Topics
Around the World in 60 Days on a Slice of Bread
(now called International Breads)
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Assorted Sandwich Rolls
Best of Breads (chosen by instructor)
Bread Favorites (chosen by students)
Breads and Soups
Breads of the Americas
Breads of Brooklyn
Breads of Europe
Breads of France
Breads of Italy
Breads of the Mediterranean
Breads of Poland
Breads of the UK
Breads of Scandinavia
Breads of Spain & Portugal
Copycat Breads
A Few Famous Breads
Famous Oatmeal Bread
Fantastic Sticky Buns
Farmhouse Bread
Focaccia with Rosemary
Finger Breads (rolls, biscuits, muffins, etc.)
Fun with Sweet Dough
Getting Started with Sourdough
Great Sandwich Breads
Holiday Breads
Intermediate Breadmaking
Introduction to Rustic Artisan Breads
Introduction to Yeast Baking
Lactose-free Baking & Cooking
Let's Get Sconed
Loaf Bread Series
Mad about Muffins
Pizza - from Dough to Dinner
Pretzel Logic
Quick & Easy Breads
Rolling in Dough
Rustic Italian Breads
Tribute to The Great British Baking Show
Tribute to James Beard
Tribute to Tassajara
Whole Grain Breads

Basic Kitchen Skills
Intermediate Kitchen Skills
Advanced Kitchen Skills
Beef Basics & Beyond
Chicken Basics & Beyond
Pasta Basics & Beyond
Filled Italian Pasta, Fillings & Sauces
Lactose-free Baking & Cooking
Comfort Food Extravaganza

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