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"Like me, if you have been diasppointed with attempting things on your own, then get professional help! Don was most helpful and made my first cooking class memorable. Thank you."
- Margaret, Cromwell

"I finally can toss out my bread machine!"
- Robin, Middletown

"The yeast baking class was very informative and most enjoyable. The mystery of yeast dough baking was presented in an easy to understand format. Being a hands-on class is the only way to go. All the intimidation of working with yeast dough is gone. You are a top-notch instructor and your love of the subject is evident. Looking forward to the sweet dough class."
- Barbara, Cromwell

"I am enjoying the rolls and loved the class!! Great tips!!"
- Maureen, East Haddam

"The finished product was great! I like how teacher discussed tips for bread baking--where to buy things, what works best."
- LouAnn, Cromwell

"I am no longer intimidated by yeast :>)"
- Tina, Middletown

"I asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas. She said she wanted us to take a bread making class together. We had a great time, learned a lot and now we can make bread. The gift that keeps on giving!"
- Cyndi, East Hampton

"Don, your enthusiasm for food and cooking is infectious. I couldn't wait to get home and try the recipe for the Portuguese rolls on my own. I made a batch last night and they are a big hit. I can't wait to venture out with some more recipes and I'm looking forward to the Sweet Dough class."
- Louise, Berlin

"My husband is of Portugese descent and when I brought home the Portugese rolls he flipped and couldn't believe that I had made them!..they tasted just like Vavo use to make them!! .wantted to know when I would make them again!! Thanks! Really appreciate it. Totally enjoyable."
- Pat, Middletown

"I didn't know the proper way to knead bread until I took this class. I'm no longer afraid to make my own bread because I know it will be edible!"
- Jane, Middletown

"Fun with Sweet Dough lives up to its name - it was a lot of fun! I was going to make the cinnamon rolls but watching Don demonstrate the mock braided bread changed my mind and I'm hooked! ... My husband and son LOVED it."
- Louise, Berlin

"Course was wonderfull. Alot of fun and very informative."
- Robin, Middletown

If you recently took one of my classes, please provide some feedback on what you liked and what you want me to change. You will immediately be rewarded with a new recipe you won't find elsewhere on this site!



Baking Class Listing:

Advanced Breadmaking Topics
Around the World in 60 Days on a Slice of Bread
   (now called International Breads)
Best of Breads (recipes chosen by instructor)
Bread Favorites (recipes chosen by students)
Breads and Soups
Breads of the Americas
Breads of Brooklyn
Breads of Europe
Breads of France
Breads of Italy
Breads of the Mediterranean
Breads of Poland
Breads of the UK
Copycat Breads
A Few Famous Breads
Focaccia with Rosemary
Finger Breads (rolls, biscuits, muffins, etc.)
Fun with Sweet Dough
Getting Started with Sourdough
Holiday Breads
Intermediate Breadmaking
Introduction to Rustic Artisan Breads
Introduction to Yeast Baking
Let's Get Sconed
Quick & Easy Breads
Rolling in Dough
Rustic Italian Breads
Whole Grain Breads
Worldly Flatbreads
Whole Wheat & Cinnamon