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BREADS OF THE BALTIC - Winter 2019 (click to enlarge)

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Baltic Region Recipes:
• Denmark: Havrebrød oatmeal bread
• Estonia: Kringle cinnamon braid (download) (video) and Must Leib black bread
• Latvia: Rudzu Rupjā Maize
• Finland: Pulla cardamom braid with almonds
• Germany: Bavarian Pretzels and Stollen
• Lithuania: Ruginė Duona dark rye
• Poland: Bialystoker Kuchen aka Bialys and Babka
• Russia: Potato Bread (using instant potatoes) and Black Bread
• Sweden: Polarbrød and Vort Limpa

Comments & Questions:
Loved the bialys. They were definitely right sized. We preferred the sautéed onion Center topping, even though the poppy seeds stuck between our teeth.

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