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"I am going to learn to make bread tomorrow. So you may imagine me with my sleeves rolled up, mixing flour, milk, saleratus, etc., with a deal of grace. I advise you if you don't know how to make the staff of life to learn with dispatch."
- Emily Dickinson

Winter/Spring 2019 Classes (by school):
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If a class is full, be sure to get on the wait list! We often run additional sessions or open up more spots in a class. Sometimes a student will drop out for some reason and we can get you in but only if you're on the wait list.

Conard High School (West Hartford):
Assorted Bagels - Tue - Feb 26
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Great Breads of the Baltic - began Tue - Mar 5
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Great Whole Grain Breads - begins Tue - Apr 16
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        >JOIN WAITLIST< via West Hartford
Perfect Roast Chicken 2 Ways - Thu - Apr 4
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Perfect Pan-roasted Duck Breast - Thu - May 2

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        >REGISTER ONLINE< via West Hartford
Cut the Cable - Thu - Feb 28
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Cut the Cable - Thu - Mar 14
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Contact Farmington Continuing Ed at 860-404-0290 OR West Hartford LifeLearn at 860-561-6900 to register by phone. Anyone can register via either town, but residents might get a discount.

Glastonbury High School:
British Baking Show Breads - began Wed - Mar 6
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Filled Italian Pasta - Wed - Apr 3
Pizza Night - Wed - May 1

Cut the Cable - Thu - Apr 17
Filled Italian Pasta - Wed - May 8
Contact Glastonbury Continuing Ed at 860-652-7253 to register and/or get on the mailing list for future classes and events.

Henry James School (Simsbury):
Fantastic Sticky Buns Mon - Mar 25
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Fresh Made Pasta - Mon - Apr 1

Contact Simsbury Continuing Ed at 860-658-3870 to register and/or get on the mailing list for future classes and events.

Silas Deane Middle School (Wethersfield):
Bavarian-style Pretzels - Mon - Mar 18

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Contact Wethersfield Adult Ed at 860-571-8250 to get on the mailing list for future classes and events.

Wethersfield High School:
Cut the Cable - Mon - Mar 11

Contact Wethersfield Adult Ed at 860-571-8250 to register and/or get on the mailing list for future classes and events.

All baking courses are "participation-type" classes, and each student will take home a loaf of bread or batch of goodies fresh-from-the-oven.

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Course Listing:

"Since I took your sourdough bread class this past fall, I've gone through 30 pounds of bread flour and have hooked my husband and son on that amazing bread. Great class!"
- Judy H., New Hartford, CT

boldface courses are offered this season
Advanced Breadmaking Topics
Around the World in 60 Days on a Slice of Bread
   (now called International Breads)
Assorted Bagels
Assorted Dinner Rolls
Assorted Sandwich Rolls
Best of Breads (recipes chosen by instructor)
Bread Favorites (recipes chosen by students)
Breads and Soups
Breads of the Americas
Breads of the Baltics
Breads of Brooklyn
Breads of Europe
Breads of France
Breads of Italy
Breads of the Mediterranean
Breads of Poland
Breads of the UK
Breads of Scandinavia
Breads of Spain & Portugal
Copycat Breads
A Few Famous Breads
Famous Oatmeal Bread
Fantastic Sticky Buns
Focaccia with Rosemary
Finger Breads (rolls, biscuits, muffins, etc.)
Fun with Sweet Dough
Getting Started with Sourdough
Great Sandwich Breads
Holiday Breads
Intermediate Breadmaking
Introduction to Rustic Artisan Breads
Introduction to Yeast Baking
Lactose-free Baking & Cooking
Let's Get Sconed
Mad about Muffins
Pizza - from Dough to Dinner
Pretzel Logic
Quick & Easy Breads
Rolling in Dough
Rustic Italian Breads
Tribute to The Great British Baking Show
Tribute to James Beard
Tribute to Tassajara
Whole Grain Breads
Worldly Flatbreads
Whole Wheat & Cinnamon